Pot Limit Omaha Good Basic Advice

Be extremely selective about which starting hands to play:

There is nothing more important than choosing correctly the starting hands which you should play in any given situation.

Select the right table:

You should play in games where you have a clear edge. Ideally, there should be a couple of weak playersonly at the table you choose to play.

Assess the other players:

Take time to quickly assess the other players. Determine who plays weak hands, who folds when other players exhibit aggression, who best with draws, we calls the big bets even though they hold weak hands or draws, who is susceptable to bluffing, who likes to bluff, and other attributes of other players.

This will give you a definite edge

Play it when it is b or dump it:

Fold when the odds are against you or bet/raise when the odds are with you. Always avoid calling unless you have a good reason for the call such as setting a trap for an opponent or increasing your pot odds when on a large draw.

Respect those big bets and raises:

This suggestion is especially true in Pot-Limit Omaha becausee players seldom use bluffing.

Do not get hooked on the nut flush draw:

The main difference between drawing to a nut flush in Omaha, unlike when playing Hold'em, is that when playing Hold'em you can frequently take the pot by pairing your Ace or you can frequently win the pot with a flush even though there are board pairs. The same is not true in Omaha.

Do not get hook into an eight way straight draw:

When playing Omaha, it is possible to flop 13-way, 17-way and 20-way straight draws. Wait until you have one of these draws before invest heavily in the pot.

Do not overplay unsuited Aces:

When you only hold a pair of Aces and two unsuited, unconnected rags, there is not much which you can flop to improve your hand. If an Ace doesn't appear in the flop, you will too often simply end up with a weak hand.

Bet on the best drawing hands:

You can highten the deception of your game when you bettyour b draws because you will win more pots without a fight.

Always draw to the nuts when playing in multi-way pots: When all the money goes into the middle in a multi-way pot, go ahead and draw to the nuts. Don't commit all your chips with draws that hold no additional value as you can become trapped between a set and the nut flush draw, potentially leaving you with only a nut straight draw that could split the pot if you hit.

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