PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent - VIP Points & Levels Explained

Everything you need to know about VIP Levels, FPP's, VPP's and Rake

PokerStars Bonus & Marketing Code

Pokerstars and are offering players an exclusive first deposit bonus available only to new real money players. Once you join Pokerstars using our "Marketing Code" IP50FREE, you will receive a 100% match bonus up to $600. This bonus is not only easy to clear but comes with additional rewards and benefits through Pokerstars new VIP player rewards program which is similar to a rakeback equivalent (as explained below). Additionally players can also qualify for new player freerolls, with hosting some of the highest paying games online.

Please Note - Pokerstars does NOT accept US players. If your a US player, we have a page dedicated specifically to US poker rooms.

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round-top-largeAll of the bonuses available at Pokerstars are pending bonuses, unless earned through the VIP program. This means players will need to earn the required number of frequent player points first in order to clear the bonus. Additional reload offers are available through exclusive promotions at and typically offer a 50% match bonus.

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Clearing the Pokerstars Bonus

Players will have six months from the date of their deposit to clear the bonus. Bonuses can be cleared by earning FPPs through regular game play and will be released in increments of $10 once a player has earned the required FPP's. This means players will need to earn 10 x the amount of their bonus to clear the full amount, with each point having a cash value of $0.10 towards your bonus. As an example if a player makes a deposit of $100 and receives the full $50 bonus, the full amount will only be released to the player once they have earned 500FPPs. Points are awarded at a fixed rate based on the amount of rake contributed with up to 5 points per hand. Once you have met the required play through requirements, Pokerstars will automatically deposit your bonus into your account and will continue to do so as each increment has been met.

Pokerstars Rakeback Equivalent

Unlike many of the other poker sites online, Pokerstars does not offer a full fledged rakeback program. They do however feature one of the leading VIP programs which when compared to rakeback is equivalent or better than what most poker sites have to offer. Every player at Pokerstars has the ability to benefit from the rakeback equivalent regardless of what limits you play. In fact the program is that lucrative that players can earn as much as 45% back when comparing the value received from the VIP program to a standard rakeback program. Below you will find a detailed chart on how the VIP program at Pokerstars is comparable to receiving rakeback along with the benefits of each level. In total there are six different levels, with all new players starting at Bronze Star and can increase tiers by earning the required FPP's during the previous calendar month. The more FPP's you earn, the more benefits you will receive. Rakeback Equivalent

•BronzeStar (all players receive BronzeStar on first deposit) - 7 - 11%
•SilverStar 1,500 VPPs 10 - 15%
•GoldStar 4,000 VPPs 12 - 18%
•PlatinumStar 10,000 VPPs 14.5 - 22%
•Supernova 100,000 VPPs (Yearly) 21.5 - 29%
•Supernova Elite 1,000,000 VPPs (yearly) 29 - 45%

Explanation of VIP Levels & Rakeback Equivalent

•BronzeStar - All players receive a BronzeStar status once you make your initial deposit. The bronze level is equivalent to earning as much as 8% rakeback at Pokerstars. Benefits available at this level include; exclusive merchandise at the online store, and monthly freerolls restricted to the bronze level.

•SilverStar - SilverStar benefits include bigger freerolls and money added events than the bronze program, topped up with faster point accumulation, more items in the poker room store which works out to receiving as much as 12% in Pokerstars rakeback equivalent. FPP's needed per month to achieve and maintain this level is 1500.

•GoldStar - A minimum of 4000 FPP's are required to move up to the GoldStar level with players receiving weekly VIP freerolls, guaranteed tournaments with prize pools as high as $100,000 each month. When comparing value obtained in GoldStar program, players have the ability to receive as much as 16% in rakeback

•Platinum Star - An elite status by far which is also why this level provides players with 12.5% - 20% when calculating the value received through the VIP program. Supernova players are awarded with cash bonuses that have no clearing requirements, exclusive VIP freerolls restricted to Supernova players, with prize pools above and beyond the other two levels, and of course faster point accumulation. This level requires a min of 10,000 VPP's in a calendar year to achieve and maintain status quo.

•Supernova - Supernova players receive the fastest point accumulation than the other levels, with points multiplied by 250%. All of the perks and benefits available in the above programs are also awarded to Supernova players in addition to a weekly $50,000 guaranteed freeroll, eligibility for an $8,000 bonus, plus a $1500 Supernova bonus. All together, this level is equivalent to earning as much as 17.5 - 28% in Pokerstars rakeback. To reap the benefits of Supernova status players will need to earn at least 100,000 points during a calendar year.

•SuperNova Elite - SuperNova Elite is the highest level that can be achieved in the VIP program and by far the most lucrative in terms of maximizing the benefits of the rewards program. Players who achieve SuperNova Elite will receive the absolute best when it comes to rewards, bonuses, exclusive tournaments and above all else your own dedicated account manager to handle your account. Although not the easiest status to attain, this level defiantly comes with some major perks which amount to 25% - 32% rakeback equivalent plus a 400% increase in point accumulation. Biggest features include; automatic entry into the Pokerstars WCOOP Main Event, along with the ability to choose to participate in two live events such as Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, EPT Monte Carlo, APPT Sydney or the World Series of Poker Main Event. Any player who receives entry to a live event through Pokerstars will also receive upgrades to hotel accommodations, courtesy of

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Earning FPPs for VIP Program Rakeback

Frequent player points, otherwise referred to on Pokerstars as FPP's are awarded to all real money players by playing at These points not only allow you to clear your bonuses but also play a major role in Pokerstars VIP program, as explained above. The more you play, the more points you earn and at the end of the day provide you with the additional benefits.

Below is a detailed explanation of how these points are earned

All players will earn their first FPP when the rake at a table reaches;

•$0.40 for all fixed limit poker games with stakes at $1/$2 or lower.
•$0.40 in either no limit of fixed limit poker games where stakes are $1/$2 and lower
•$0.40 for all heads up games however this rule only applies to tables that are specifically for a heads up match, not a 6 or 9 player game with only two players seated.
•$1.00 for all other games above the limits listed above.
A second frequent player point will be awarded to players when the rake reaches at least;
•$2.00 on all shorthanded, 6-max tables above $1/$2. Similar to the head up rule, this rule only applies to tables specifically for 6 players, not tables which can seat 8 or 9 players and have 6 playing.
•$3.00 on all other games

A third FPP is earned when the rake for a hand reaches $5.00

Players can also earn FPP's through tournament play with Pokerstars awarding FPPs at a rate of 5 for every $1 paid in tournament fees. Players who enter tournaments with fees paid in dollars and cents will earn fractional points calculated in tenths. This means a player who pays $2.50 in fees will earn 2.5 points for that game.

Other Promotions Available at Pokerstars

PokerStars Turbo Takedown

The Pokerstars Turbo Takedown is one of the newest and regular promotions available for online players. Not only is this the largest freerolls available online, but it is by far the biggest in terms of cash value. This event is hosted on the last Sunday of each month and has a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000 with $40,000 of the prize pool guaranteed to first place. What makes this event so valuable is it's free. Every player has a shot to win their seat using their FPP's and up to 10,000 players in this event will finish in the money. To earn your spot in the monthly Turbo Takedown simply redeem 2,000 FPPs or enter into one of the poker rooms daily satellites or qualifiers.

Battle of the Planets Leaderboard Challenge

Pokerstars is the first poker room online to offer players a weekly/monthly leaderboard challenge specifically for SnG players which is also designed based on skill level and stake. The Battle of the Planets leaderboard is comprised of two different challenges, and categorized into eight different divisions. Rakeback The eight divisions are named after the planets in the solar system and as such also are categorized into multiple buy-in levels.

This leaderboard competition supports players from as low as $1 up to $300+ and offers up weekly and monthly prizes to players in both categories regardless of whether you participate in the Low Orbit or High Orbit Leaderboard. In addition to the weekly prizes, any player who places in the top 10 in their respective category will also receive entry into the Battle of the Planets Monthly $50,000 Freeroll. Points in both categories are awarded based on the number of players in each SnG and each player is required to play at least one block of 20 tournaments in order to qualify with a maximum of 5 - 20 block tournaments per week. Only your best scores will be used towards each block.

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