Poker Deposit Methods For UK, Euro, Canada and Worldwide Countries

Global Poker Deposit Options Guide

If you are located outside of the US, making a deposit at an online poker site is very simple. In fact, your main task is to decide which method suits you best – since just about all the available options will work.

This page already lists the main options you can use to deposit with. This section covers the pros and cons (and some geographical restrictions) of each type. I have grouped the different worldwide poker site deposit methods into 4 main categories below. First you’ll find the different varieties of bank cards discussed. After that eWallets are covered with person-to-person transfers coming next. At the end of the page the newest global deposit method is covered with a discussion on Bitcoin poker payments.

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Depositing at Poker Sites with Your Credit Card

In Europe and the UK, cards are the go-to method for many people for depositing at online poker sites. This is a mix of credit cards and bank (debit cards). Canadian players also use credit cards, though many banks there restrict the use of these for gambling sites – even though there is no legal reason to do so. The big advantage of using your cards is speed. Depositing at a poker site is as simple as making any other purchase online.

All the major brands are accepted – along with many lesser known systems. Visa, MasterCard and Amex are the most commonly used. You should be able to use Visa Electron, Solo and Switch at many of the high volume big brand poker sites. If you do not have a suitable card, then there are prepaid cards available, both in gift card format and virtual cards like PaySafeCard.

There are two drawbacks to depositing this way. First, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings back to a credit card. MasterCard is particularly strict in this regard. You’ll need to use a bank transfer instead in most countries. Second, many people are uncomfortable with sharing their credit card information with an online poker site. This is understandable, although the big brands are completely legitimate and trusted these days. Some alternative deposit methods put a 3rd party between your bank / card and the poker sites – adding an extra layer of security.

eWallet Systems for Online Poker Deposits

The best-known example of an eWallet system is PayPal. This was a pioneer in online payments, and enabled anyone with an e-mail address to send and receive money. There are now many services which share some or all the characteristics of the original.

If you find a site which allows PayPal poker deposits, that is a good sign. Only the biggest and best known brands can accept PayPal, making the fact that it is listed a ‘trust signal’ in its own right. The big advantage with this system is that there is an effective dispute resolution process which usually favors the buyer.

Alternative eWallets which can be used in the UK and Europe include NE teller, Skill and Ecocar. There are several others which work in specific geos – for example Web Money for Russia and former Soviet bloc countries.

The main advantage to using an eWallet is the security. You set up an account, fund it with your bank card (or a wire) and then spend from your virtual wallet. This means that you do not need to give your bank or credit card information directly to a gambling site. If someone hacked into your poker account, they will not be able to access your eWallet, as this requires an extra log-in at the time of your deposit. You can also withdraw via your eWallets most of the time.

Disadvantages are the fees, which sometimes come when you send money – and sometimes (for example with PayPal) when you receive it.

Canadian players can’t access the big brand wallets. Many choose to use Interact as an alternative. This system is usually used for making purchases online and involves sending the money via a mail + security question combination from your bank account.

Using Wires to Deposit at Poker Sites

If you are depositing a large amount from the UK, Europe or Canada, then speak to your poker site about arranging a bank wire. This is slow (and relatively expensive for smaller amounts), and so is best used for high-roller bankroll levels.

Smaller transfers can be made using Western Union or MoneyGram. These involve wiring cash to a named representative of the poker site. This is a longer process compared to many, and is more commonly used in the US, where there are no so many easy deposit options.

Local bank transfers are used regularly for withdrawals, and many 3rd party services facilitate these.

New Tech – Bitcoin Poker Deposits

The reach of Bitcoin as a regular deposit and withdrawal method is growing around the world. Again, this is mostly focused on the US at the moment, though many offshore sites accept Bitcoin deposits from around the world.

In order to use this, you will need to sign up for a Bitcoin wallet, and get this funded via an exchange. Once you have completed these steps you’ll find this system very easy to use. The main benefit is that it is outside of the jurisdiction of governments and financial authorities.

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