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A guide to funding your online poker account using Amex

While American Express (Amex) is not as commonly used for internet poker and casino deposits as rival brands like Visa and MasterCard – you can still find real money sites which welcome it. Amex is the oldest credit card brand and one of the most recognizable worldwide. Even with the restrictive climate for gambling deposits in the US, there are still opportunities for US residents to use their Amex cards. Below you’ll find information on how to successfully make deposits with your American Express card, whether you are based in the USA or overseas.

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Are Amex Gambling Deposits Legal?
The short answer is a clear ‘yes’ – though the longer answer to this question is that legality is a function of your location and the location of the gambling site you wish you deposit at.
Worldwide there is a patchwork of licensing – though individuals are free to gamble online in most countries.
In the US, there is a lot of misinformation about the legal status of online poker and casino sites. Many people believe that the federal UIGEA laws make gambling deposits illegal. What you will find is that these laws do not cover players at all. They are specifically targeted at gambling site operators, and at banks. The law means that banks can’t knowingly facilitate a gambling transaction, which explains the US restrictions! Gambling sites are based offshore in countries where gambling is legal and regulated. They welcome Amex payments, and those using many other cards. State laws are a mixed bag, with some states (for example Utah) specifically banning individuals from gambling online. No individual player has ever been prosecuted for this activity.
What is the Process for Making an Amex Deposit?
After you find a trusted brand poker or casino site which accepts Amex, your first step should be to register a player account. Once this is completed, head over to the cashier and choose Amex from the list of options.
You’ll see a screen with the following information requested. The long Amex credit card number, and the shorter security number (which is on the front of an Amex card). The expiration date of the card and name of the cardholder exactly as printed. You will often have the opportunity to use a bonus or coupon code at this point. The only other information is the all-important amount to deposit. Some sites will have a multiple-choice option, while others let you type this in yourself.
Once you complete and check the information, you simply click ‘submit’ or ‘pay’ (again, this depends on which site).
Outside of the US, that is the end of the process – your payment goes through and you are ready to hit the real money games immediately. In the US you have to wait and see if your transaction is accepted via the financial payment gateways. Banks will try to block transactions, and the sites mix-up their gateways to get these through.
Sometimes you’ll be declined, most of the time your transaction will get through.
If your Amex card poker deposit is declined, there are several alternative options. I do recommend that you get in touch with the cashier staff at your site. The offshore sites can only run if they can receive deposits – and the staff are experts in this field. Oftentimes, it will simply be a matter of trying the transaction again later in the day.
What are the Alternatives to Amex Poker Deposits?
For US based players, there are 3 alternatives to consider if your American Express poker or casino deposit gets declined. If you are outside of the US, there are many more options available including PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and many local / country options.
Other credit cards are usually the first choice if your Amex deposit is not possible. Visa and MasterCard are both widely accepted (more sites accept these than Amex). The process for using them is the same – with the same potential for the transactions to be declined. You can also buy prepaid Visa cards. I recommend you get in touch with your site and ask which prepaid brands are working well. This will save you buying one which either can’t be used for international deposits, or is more regularly declined.
A method which is very reliable is known under the blanket term ‘person-to-person transfer’. What this refers to is wiring money directly to an individual named by the poker or casino sites using MoneyGram or Western Union. Your site will give you the details of this individual, and you then need to go to a local branch office and wire cash to them. While this sounds a little dangerous, it is a well-established and very reliable deposit method. Make sure you choose a well-known and trusted poker site or casino, and this method is very safe.
Finally, you could use Bitcoin to make your poker or casino deposit. This virtual currency is completely outside of the jurisdiction of the US authorities, and us surprisingly easy to use. Once you set up a Bitcoin wallet, you fund this from your bank account (via an exchange). You can then deposit and withdraw quickly and easily. Poker sites and casinos will usually exchange your Bitcoin to dollars instantly when you deposit, so you’ll play the games in dollars.
Can I Withdraw using Amex?
No, this is not possible. While deposits can be made offshore, there is no way to get your money back onto your card this way. Paper checks are the most common way of withdrawing. This is a very reliable method, though a little slow. You can also withdraw via a person-to-person transfer, or using Bitcoin.

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