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we will be listing all the best Poker Games and sites which offer each poker game that you like.

Many beginning poker games players believe that playing poker online will be completely different than playing in a live game and they are correct in part, but usually for the wrong reasons. It is a common notion that it is more difficult to read other player when you can't see theim sitting before you in person. What few new players realize is that most of the important information used to make wise decisions come from other sources than reading your opponents' faces. It can be quite difficult to spot a "tell" in live action, and many players do not display such traits at all. What matters more are betting patterns, table position and observing what hands these players fold and which they play. Check out Sky Poker.

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Advantages in Online Poker Games
The greatest advantages about online poker games involve speed and accessibility. Online poker is a lot faster than offline poker. There is no waiting for the shuffle, deals are super-fast, no misdeals occur, no time is used when the rake is be taken out, there is no changing of chip colors back and forth, no counting of the pot, and no waiting for floor manager's decisions. Another advantage is the ability to play at multiple tables in order to get more action and increase your overall hourly win-rate. Plus, when playing online, it is always possible to find a game to your liking, even at the smaller sites like BetOnline Poker. You can play 24 hours a day in locations around the world from many places or from the comfort of your home. The of poker variations and games available are also significantly greater. Some sites offer fantastic poker software which makes playing online that much better and you will find a good mix of easy poker rooms and poker rooms with a high volume of players.

Advantages in Offline Poker Games
The main advantage with playing poker offline is the fact that poker is a social game. Meeting your opponents face-to-face is more enjoyable and stimulating than sitting alone at your computer. You are able to talk to and get to know new and different people. It is easier to remain focused on the game and observe your opponents when you can see them. Your ability to read your opponents' minds is increased because you can see when they are feeling restless, if they were affected by a "bad beat", or if they are in a good/bad mood. Plus, it is easier to remember their actions when you can connect them to a living, breathing human. If you are skilled at spotting physical tells in your opponents, you will find more opportunities to do so when playing offline.

Overall the poker game will feel more "real" when you have those cards in your hand and chips are stacked in front of you. Even experienced online poker players frequently find they are quite nervous when in the crowd of a a live poker room. Don't forget, the majority of poker sites you see online today are in fact legal poker sites and licensed within their respective jurisdictions.

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