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Poker Site Top Lists

Listing and comparing poker rooms by software, features and compatibility

We all know that not all poker sites are equal. While they all offer the standard game variants, features like software compatibility, skill level and even bonuses differ from one site to the next. For this reason we have created a guide which compares the top poker site.

Below you will find a list of pages that compare the different features and aspects of the top poker sites. Our top poker sites list includes compatibility features along with competition, bonuses and general components for the leading poker rooms. Why a top list? It’s simple. Some players want a poker room that has an abundance of tournaments, while others are in it strictly for the cash games. Our top list guide will ensure that the poker room you choose is the leading poker room for the feature you’re after.

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Top Poker Sites by Country

Canadian Poker SitesCanadian Poker Sites - Find out which poker rooms are open to Canadian players.
usa poker sitesUS Poker Sites - This page is specifically for US players. Find out which sites are open to Americans.
European Poker SitesEuro Poker Sites - A list of the top poker rooms open to European players and that accept Euro bets.
UK PokerUK Poker Sites - Lists the best online poker sites for British players. Includes sites that accept GBP.
AustraliaAustralian Poker Sites - Find out which online poker sites accept deposits / withdrawals in AUD.
Irish Poker RoomsIrish Poker Sites - Compares the top five poker sites for players residing in Ireland

Why You Should Compare Online Poker Sites

When you first start searching for an online poker room, it's easy to get overwhelmed.  You find room after room, some named quite similarly, and many with graphics and software that seem quite identical.  Each promises to be the top room, to have the best software and to have the most games.  Trying to determine which claims are true and which are marketing fluff can quickly become a discouraging enterprise.

Rather than giving up and just choosing a room at random, you should roll up your sleeves and prepare to do a little work.  Don't worry, we're only talking about a few hours of your time - and, in return, you'll get the opportunity to have a far more pleasing and profitable time playing online poker.  If you aren't convinced at this point, here are a few of the key reasons why it's absolutely worth your while to compare poker rooms closely before choosing one to play at:

Some Poker Rooms Are Simply More Secure Than Others

Security is a complex topic that involves a number of aspects of an online poker room.  There are obvious ones, like encryption and fraud prevention, and then there are less obvious ones, like quality customer support that can help resolve issues before they become a problem.  Since it's your money on the line, there's no reason why you should ever settle for anything less than the top-tier choices when it comes to security. 

It's Easier to Make Money at Some Poker Rooms Than at Others

This is a central truth of online poker, and it's a truth driven by two core factors: 

Rake: Whether a room charges less rake upfront or returns a greater percentage of it to players via promotions, bonuses and VIP programs, the impact is the same:  If you pay less in rake, you keep more money for yourself.  The less you spend to win, the more you've won.

Competition: Determining why one room is softer than another is more of an art than a science, but a few basic conditions are favorable to cultivating weaker opponents than average.  If a sportsbook or casino is attached to the room, for instance, you are probably going to find more casual players than would be found at the typical room.

Only by researching and comparing rooms can you begin to develop your own sense of why one room might be more profitable for you than another.

Poker Room Sizes Vary Dramatically

The difference between the largest poker sites and the smallest sites is probably much bigger than you think.  In fact, if you took the action right now at top three largest online poker rooms, you'd be looking at a total number of players that would exceed the next seventeen rooms combined.  More players translates into more games at more stakes, and if you're still figuring out the ins-and-outs of online poker, having that variety is beyond a luxury - it's a necessity.

Top Online Poker Rooms Offer Innovations You Won't Find Elsewhere

Long gone are the days when online poker was just a flat approximation of a real poker table.  The top modern online poker rooms offer innovations that are fundamentally changing the way people play poker.  Whether it's cloud poker clients that allow you to play new hands instantly after you fold, tournament structures that could never work in a live setting or features that give you high levels of control of your gameplay experience, the best online poker sites offer options that can really change the way you think about poker - just one more reason to put in the time upfront to research your online poker site options carefully and deliberately.

Everyone wants to jump right into the games when they start out with online poker, but there's no real rush - the games will still be there later tonight and tomorrow.  Remember: The more work you do before you choose to enter those games, the better chance you have of walking out of them a winner
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