Best Unbuntu Online Poker sites

What Poker Sites Are Compatible with Ubuntu?

While poker players using a Mac might have a tough time finding a compatible online poker room, users running the Ubuntu operating system have a genuine challenge when it comes to locating poker sites that are Ubuntu-friendly.  That's a challenge we will help you solve in this quick article that covers the basics of Ubuntu, the current state of affairs for poker players running Ubuntu and our premium picks among Ubuntu-compatible online poker sites.

What is Ubuntu?

If you're reading this article, chances are you're already quite familiar with Ubuntu.  However, if you just came across this page via sheer curiosity, here's a short overview: Ubuntu is an operating system (like Windows or Mac OS) that provides the basic bones of your system.   Ubuntu is based on Linux, the popular open-source operating system, and is by many accounts the most popular version of Linux for personal computers.

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Are Most Online Poker Rooms Ubuntu Compatible?

While Ubuntu is an increasingly popular choice for computer users, the amount of individuals running Ubuntu is still dwarfed by the amount running Windows or Mac OS.  As a result, there are only a handful of online poker rooms that support Ubuntu play, and even those rooms generally don't make a native (downloadable) Ubuntu client available. 

The situation is somewhat similar to the one Mac users found themselves in during the early days of the online poker boom, when virtually no poker sites offered Mac-compatible versions of their software.  Nowadays, Mac users have almost as many options as PC users, but that trend is unlikely to repeat for Ubuntu users.

How Can I Play Online Poker Running Ubuntu?

If you're running Ubuntu on your machine, you are more or less restricted to poker rooms that offer some sort of no download or instant-play option.  These options are usually Flash or Java based and run completely in a standard browser like Chrome or Firefox (both available for Ubuntu).  Since the programs run entirely in the browser, your operating system becomes somewhat irrelevant - meaning players running Ubuntu will enjoy virtually the same experience in the instant-play version of the poker room.

Instant-play versions are available at many major online poker rooms, but not all.  We'll talk about the best Ubuntu-compatible rooms at the end of the article, but let's take a few paragraphs to further explain just how instant play works at the typical online poker room.

Is the Ubuntu Version of Online Poker Room Software any Different Than the Standard Version?

Sometimes.  The no download poker rooms tends to be (as you might expect) a slightly less feature-packed version of the room's standard software.  The stripped-down approach makes it easier for the client to run smoothly in the browser (and to consume a smaller overall amount of bandwidth), but may disappoint players who like all the bells and whistles.  Additionally, some instant-play versions may include only a selection of the overall games available in the downloadable version, or offer only cash game or tournaments - but not both. 

While the specifics are different for each room, the general concept remains the same:  Instant-play versions of poker room software tend to be stripped-down, but they're still more than adequate for those just looking to play some real money poker on a Ubuntu system.  Of course, you could always go to the trouble of installing Windows within Ubuntu, which would allow you to play at any online poker room, but then what's the point of having installed Ubuntu in the first place?  Don't be dissuaded by the no-frills nature of Ubuntu-compatible poker software - chances are you won't miss any of the addons, and you might even play better poker as a result of the more spartan experience.

Top Ubuntu-Compatible Online Poker Room: 888 Poker

888 Poker has a pretty simple strategy: Appeal to as much of the online poker market as possible.  That strategy is reflected in their instant-play software, which is accessible directly from their home page.  You'll need to make an 888 account to try out the software, but after that quick step you're just a click away from trying one of the fullest-featured no download clients available from any online poker room.

On top of the accolades 888 gets for running a Ubuntu-compatible online poker site, players will also find plenty to like about the promotions, VIP Program, first deposit bonus and notably softer-than-average games at 888.  That total package of compatibility and value makes 888 an easy choice for our top Ubuntu-friendly online poker room.


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