Low Minimum Deposit Poker Rooms

Which online poker rooms have small deposit requirements?

Sure, everyone likes to think of themselves as a high roller, but the truth about most who play online poker is that it's just a diversion or hobby - and therefore, not necessarily an activity that involves big money. 

Thankfully, that's part of the beauty of online poker - small stakes that could never be offered at a live poker room are available across thousands of tables online.  If you're interested in diving into those games but don't have much money to commit to online poker, read on for more details about minimum deposit policies at major online poker rooms and a list of the top options for those looking to start with a smaller bankroll.

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Why Care About Minimum Deposits at Online Poker Rooms?

No one likes to surrender control of their money, at least not to any degree greater than necessary.  Knowing the minimum deposit at an online poker room - and, more specifically, knowing what online poker rooms allow the smallest deposits - comes in handy for a couple of reasons. 

The first is that depositing money at an online poker room does involve some risk.  It's a minimal risk, but for many players it's enough that they'd prefer to start with small deposits, allowing them to play poker while keeping very little money online.  The second is a more practical concern: Quick access to funds.  While most online poker rooms can get you your funds within a day or two, some people may not like having their funds tied up for even that amount of time.  Small deposits allow you to stay liquid, ensuring that you'll never have money you need straight away stuck unnecessarily on an online poker site.

What is Considered a Low Minimum Deposit?

Some players wonder why they just can't deposit any amount they want at an online poker room.  That might eventually be the standard policy, but the current situation is a bit more restrictive.  Poker rooms generally rely on third-party companies to process deposits and withdrawals, and those companies charge fees on each transaction.  As a result, there's a certain minimum deposit online poker rooms are willing to accept, as lower deposit amounts would actually cause the room to take a loss on the transaction.

The lowest minimum deposit you'll find available at a major online poker room is $5 (or roughly the same amount after currency conversion).  This is not to say all rooms offer this minimum for all deposit methods - at some rooms the minimum varies depending on payment method, and at some rooms the minimum deposit available might be $10 or even $25.

Consider Withdrawal Policies as Well as Deposit Policies

It's no fun reading fine print, but - if you're concerned about your money - this is one time when you're going to want to suck it up and put on your glasses.  Many rooms not only have a minimum deposit amount, but also a minimum withdrawal amount.  You probably guessed by now that more than a few rooms have a higher withdrawal minimum than deposit minimum. 

Such a policy puts players looking to deposit only small amounts at an online poker room in a bind - sure, they can deposit a small amount, but what good does that do them if they can't withdraw that amount?  Not much good at all.  Confirm minimum withdrawal amounts both with the terms and conditions of the site and with site support before making a deposit.

Best Poker Room for Minimum Depositors: PokerStars

This is a tough decision, because some rooms do allow smaller deposit amounts (via certain payment methods) than PokerStars.  However, PokerStars ultimately nabs the top spot when it comes to minimum deposit online poker rooms for two reasons:  One, the site offers a $10 minimum deposit across all methods - not just select methods.  That's massively convenient and offers the lowest deposit amount to the widest segment of the online poker population.  Two, the site has reasonable withdrawal minimums (which do vary by method, but are generally in the $10-$25 range) relative to deposit minimums.

If you're looking for a room that will allow smaller deposits, we suggest bet365 Poker as an alternative to PokerStars.  The room lets you deposit a minimum of $5 via credit card, Skrill and a handful of other payment options.  Bonus: Minimum withdrawal amounts are almost all identical by method to minimum deposit amounts.

US Players' Top Option for Minimum Deposits: Carbon Poker

All US rooms suffer from somewhat restrictive banking policies, and Carbon Poker is no different.  With that said, Carbon offers better policies than most of its competitors when it comes to minimum deposits ($10) and minimum withdrawals ($25).  Note that players from the US may face additional charges for withdrawal; additionally not all methods for depositing and withdrawing at Carbon Poker will be available to American players.


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