Best £ / GBP Poker Sites

Which poker sites will let you play online poker in pounds / GBP?

The United Kingdom is one of the largest and most vibrant online gambling markets, so it's little surprise that plenty of online poker sites seek to cater to UK players.  Different rooms have different approaches to the market, but one feature that is really appreciated by poker players from the UK is the ability to use a site completely in pounds (GBP).

For anyone interested in how to play online poker using pounds, read on for a fast guide to the ins and outs of poker in pounds that covers the mechanics of using pounds for online poker, the advantages of playing in pounds and finally identifies the premium options among sites providing pound-based online poker.

Depositing in Pounds Versus Playing in Pounds

This is a distinction that can be lost on players at first, but it is an important one none the less.  Many - really, all - online poker rooms will let you make a deposit into your account using pounds.  However, there are far fewer that actually offer games in pounds, and fewer rooms still where pounds are the primary currency for games played at the room.  When a review of a room or the site for the room itself says that players can use pounds, you'll need to investigate further to find out if they mean that players can deposit in pounds, play in pounds or both.

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Why Choose a Poker Site That Accepts Pounds / GBP?

There are some practical reasons and some personal reasons.  On the personal side of the coin, some players may just prefer to use their primary currency at the virtual tables.  Furthermore, if you've learned to play poker in a certain currency, you may find it a bit awkward to have to adjust to the new numbers involved in a game conducted in another currency.

The practical reasons are likely of pressing concern to a greater number of players, and consist mainly of concerns regarding exchange rates and exchange fees at the poker room.  Obviously, poker players are always looking to avoid volatility.  Unfortunately, having to deposit in one currency and then play in another exposes you to the additional volatility of the international currency markets.  As far as fees are concerned, you don't have to worry about them at all rooms, but more than a few major rooms have less-than-ideal policies regarding currency conversion - some of which essentially charge you a premium for a conversion the room forces you to make.

Finding online poker games played in pounds can be a bit of a challenge, but for those who worry about any of the above issues it's a simple, universal solution that is easily worth the slight trouble involved.

Top Online Poker Sites With Tables in GBP

Ladbrokes has deep ties to the UK, so it makes sense that the online poker arm of the company would work aggressively to court players from the UK.  With promotions, bonuses and other features that add value to GBP tables, Ladbrokes easily makes up for a slightly thinner game selection at the mid-to-high stakes in pounds.  Micro and low-stakes players should find more than a sufficient variety of pounds tables.

bet365 Poker also deserves mention on any list of online poker sites that allow players to deposit and play in pounds.  With some of the clearest, fairest exchange policies offered by an online poker room, bet365 makes it very easy for players to utilize a variety of currencies seamlessly across poker and the company's other products.  As part of the massive iPoker Network, bet365 is also home to a rich assortment of pounds-based poker tables, with a strong selection from micro stakes to mid stakes, and a reasonable selection at peak times of higher-stakes games.

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