Best € / Euro Poker Sites

Which poker sites will let you play online poker in pounds / GBP?

Even though the US market for online poker has diminished significantly over the last several years, the US dollar (USD) still remains the dominant currency at many online poker rooms.  While this isn't a concern for most players, there are still plenty of online poker players who would prefer to conduct all of their business with an online poker room in euros. 

If you're among that group, you'll find plenty of help here as we talk about the ins and outs of playing poker online in euros before identifying the rooms we recommend to players seeking a euro-based online poker room.

Euro Second Most Popular Currency for Online Poker Rooms

The good news for players seeking an all-euro online poker experience:  The euro is the second most popular currency at major online poker rooms.  That popularity ensures a much broader range of options than you'd find if you were looking for a room in Canadian dollars, Great British pounds or Australian dollars.  Those currencies are supported by a handful of rooms, or not supported at all - an annoying state of affairs for players who like to play poker in their native coin.

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Using Euros for Deposits and Using Euros for Game Play

When you search the Internet for topics like "playing online poker in euros," you'll come across a lot of sites that just say whether or not a room accepts euros as a form of payment.  Unfortunately, that's only half the story - you're probably interested in playing in euros at the tables and not just being able to deposit in euros.

When it comes to making deposits in euros, you can do that at every major online poker room without incident using popular payment methods like Skrill.  Playing actual poker in euros, however, is a feature only available at a handful of the top online poker rooms - and even those rooms basically offer only a slice of their games in euros. 

Bottom line:  Depositing in euros is easy, but by choosing to play only in euros you will be limiting your room and game selection to a significant degree.

Exchange Rates Still an Issue for Players Using Euros

If you stick to playing euro-based games, you probably won't have an issue with exchange rates (unless the room uses a core currency for all deposits, but that's exceedingly rare), but if you ever decide to dip your toe in the games conducted in other currencies, you should first acquaint yourself with the currency conversion policies of the online poker room in question. 

While most rooms do offer clear and fair policies on the matter, there are more than a few large online poker rooms with vague or unfair policies that place the player in an awkward and potentially unprofitable situation.

Choice Rooms for Euro Play: 888 Poker and PokerStars

Both PokerStars or 888 Poker are terrific options for those poker players who want to use euros, whether to deposit, play or both. 

You'll find plenty of euro-based cash games and tournaments in the lobby of 888 Poker, and PokerStars offers perhaps the largest selection of such games of any room in the industry.  Both PokerStars and 888 have reasonable and clearly articulated policies concerning currency conversion, and each room accepts the standard set of payment options for players banking in euros.  That's basically the complete checklist for players that want to embark on a euro-based online poker experience, an experience that you should find highly satisfactory no matter which of the two rooms you choose.

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