Online Poker Sites You Can Play at Work

Which online poker rooms can I play at work?

The Internet may have made the global workplace more competitive and productive, but it also unleashed a epically powerful way to waste time at work.  Most of us have checked an email, logged into Facebook or blown an hour or two on freecell while on the clock, so why not throw a little bit of poker into that mix?  Let's discuss the do's and don'ts of playing online poker while on the job and provide you with our pick for the easiest site to access from the confines of your cubicle.

Before we begin, a caveat: While everyone jokes about goofing off at work, remember that you are taking some risk by playing online poker at the office and please act accordingly - keep your play discreet, limited and always endeavor to ensure that you're not leaving a trail of evidence that could one day be used against you.

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Many Workplace Computers Have Restrictions

Sometimes it's just a list of popular time-wasting sites that are blocked.  Sometimes it's a filter that stops you from visiting any site with any objectionable content in the URL.  Other companies have more restrictive policies; employees might not be able to download any programs on to their work computers, or online traffic may be logged and then analyzed to identify use that falls outside of company policies.  If you're going to even think about playing poker online whilst at the the office, you must first become familiar with your company's policy regarding Internet use.  It's even more to your advantage if you have a friend in the IT department who can clue you in on exactly what the company actually does in terms of enforcing such policies.

No Download Clients are One Option

No download online poker clients are great for playing at work.  As the name suggests, you don't have to download any software to play poker using these clients - you just need access to an Internet browser that will let you visit the site.  Most no download clients are basically fully-functioning versions of the rooms with a few bells and whistles stripped out.  Since the games are in a browser, they're easy to cover should the boss pop in for a quick chat.  However, the browser-based nature also means you'll also leave clear and obvious tracks behind should anyone care to look.

Mobile-Based Online Poker is Another

More and more major online poker rooms are rolling out apps for the iPhone / iPad and for Android devices that let players get in their real-money poker fix on the go.  You can circumvent the workplace network altogether by simply playing poker on your mobile device while at work - unless, of course, your mobile device is also controlled by your IT department.

Remote Access Offers Interesting Possibilities

More and more workplaces are letting workers connect their work computers to their home computers via remote access programs.  Good news for your boss:  You can now never forget a file at home.  Bad news for your boss:  You can now access all of the poker clients you have on your home computer without necessarily ever tipping off work that you're doing so.  Remote access programs provide those looking to play some online poker on the job with perhaps the most secure method for doing so.

Easiest Poker Site to Play While at Work: 888 Poker

888 Poker has pretty much everything someone looking to sneak a poker session into the workday could ask for.  The room offers a no-download client, lives at a url that isn't likely to trigger any word-based filters and can be launched with a single click.  For those who choose the mobile route, 888 offers apps for the iPad, the iPhone and Android device, so you're covered on that point.  Finally, if you choose the remote method, 888 has quick software with low overhead that should greatly reduce the potential for any lag in the connection.

All of that wouldn't be worth much if the room didn't offer good games and promotions, but 888 delivers on those fronts as well.  With games that are ranked among the softest online and a variety of stakes and types exceeded by only a few rooms, 888 is effectively the total package for workplace poker warriors


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