Listing the Top 5 Online Casinos for USA Players

USA Online CasinosUSA Online Casino Deposit Methods

Wire Transfer - You go into your bank and wire the money across to the casino.
Credit Cards - This is the easiest way, but its pot luck if the payment will go through.
Western Union - Go into a western union shop and pay in cash and trf money to the site.
Instant Checks / eChecks - Great option, its like instant wire transfers from your bank account.
Rapid Transfer - This s what Bovada calls their MoneyGram service.


All About Online Casinos and Casinos For USA Players:

An online casino, sometimes called an internet casino is a virtual casino. They're designed to give you the action and excitement of a brick and mortar casino, without your actually leaving your house, you can find the top casinos for US players listed above. An online casino player can play the penny slots and watch Oprah at the same time! This is done using random number generators, secure web servers, and virtual tons of technology.

USA Online Casinos and Gambling Online - Is it Legal?
In 2004 on the back of a ports security bill, certain restrictions involving the legalities of funding online casino and other online gambling accounts with funds from financial intuitions such as banks went into effect introducing the United States to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

The bill, known familiarly by USA online casino players and others as UIGEA was signed into law on Friday October 13, 2006 by President George W. Bush. The purpose of this law was to strengthen our countries port security. To keep our sea ports safe and secure, politicians waited until late into the night, just before a bill was presented to attach UIGEA portion of the bill. In effort to keep those sea ports safe and free from terrorists banks may not transfer funds to business or individuals that might be using the money in conjunction with online gambling operations in states where gambling online is not legal. In addition to that specific bit of back door legislation (currently being fought by Barney Frank and a number of other pro freedom politicians) each state can have their own legislation as far as gambling online is concerned.

Online Casinos are Legal in these USA States.

Some states in the USA have no specific restrictions as far as online gambling and playing at online casinos go, those states include:

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Is it legal for US players to Gamble at Online Casinos?

When asked if it is legal to deposit to online casinos from the US, the experts say... it depends on who you ask. To date, US Casino players and online gamblers contribute more than half of the revenue driven to online casinos in the world, about 55% in fact. By law, each state is able to determine whether or not they will allow online gambling legally for their citizens. A current example of this is the state of California, where the state senate will be undergoing a vote to allow legal online casinos in California.

If you ask a politician that finds gambling to be morally wrong, and believes his position in office includes morality policing, you will likely be told that gambling online is against the law. Other legal experts will argue that the law, as it reads, makes it illegal for banks ‘financial institutions' to make gambling transactions. In fact, legal experts have stated that Americans can legally play at USA friendly online casinos using credit cards issued from non United States Based banks. Sure does seem like the government is forcing a lot of United States business out of the United States here. If you think you have a gambling problem, Gamblers Anonymous may help you.

Choosing a USA Accepted Casino
There are a variety of online casino's that accept USA Casino deposits, we have listed the top 10 most respected United States Online Casinos near the top of this page, so have a look at them and their deposit methods and have a go at the online casinos for usa players.

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