Diners Club International Accepted Poker and Casino Sites

Find Which Are The Best Sites That Accept Diners Club

Diners Club is a charge card like American Express.

Diners Club Card is a viable and acceptable payment method for online poker players who want to deposit instantly to their poker accounts. In fact, the Diners Club Card is accepted at most US poker rooms and European poker sites.

Below you will find the top 15 Diners Club accepted poker sites along with exclusive bonuses only available through our site. The Diner's Club is one of the most recognizable credit cards world-wide and by using your Diners Club Card to deposit to an online poker site you can be assured that your personal information and security is number on priority.  

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Diner's Club Cards are charge cards (credit cards) like American Express and was the first credit cards to originate back in the last 40's. The founder, Frank McNamara came up with the idea of being able to charge a bill to an account after he found himself in an uncomfortable situation where he forgot his wallet and could not pay his bill. Since 1949, the Diner's Club Card has become accepted in over 200 countries worldwide and is one of the top 5 credit cards based on customer preferences.

The poker sites listed above all accept Diners Club Card poker deposits. Poker players who reside in the United States may find the card works at one site and not the next. If this is the case we strongly suggest you check out SportsBook Poker or Players Only Poker as both poker sites have little if any problems processing credit card deposits. Most of the Diners Club Card poker sites require a minimum of $50 deposit to use your Diner's Club Card. You will not be able to use your Diners Club credit card for cash outs.

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