MyCitadel Accepted Poker Rooms And Online Casinos

Find Which Sites Accept MyCitdael Poker / Casino Deposits

MyCitadel is an online e-wallet service for European players that want to deposit quickly to either poker or casino sites. You will be able to deposit to a MyCitadel poker site and have your funds available immediately for play and can use the same account when requesting withdrawals. MyCitadel is linked to your bank account or credit cards as a means of funding and the company accepts multiple currencies giving you the opportunity to deposit to a poker room in Euros, Pounds and USD.

This page provides a list of the best poker sites accepting MyCitadel deposits. You will need to use our bonus codes if a bonus code applies to receive the offers below. Full reviews of each of the rooms are available.

Please Note: You Can Not Use MyCitadel If You Are In The USA

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Depositing to MyCitadel Poker Sites

MyCitadel, also referred to as Citadel, offers a variety of payment methods for online players. This includes credit card deposits, bank transfers, checks, e-checks, and direct deposit. Players will need to have an existing account with MyCitadel before they can deposit to a poker room and you will need to use one of the methods above to load your account before you can deposit to a MyCitadel poker site.  Once the payment plan has been set-up, you can login to a Citadel poker room and begin the deposit. All deposits are instant and free. Most of the MyCitadel poker sites will process withdrawals back to your account. There is a small service fee charged when you withdrawal from the e-wallet account to your bank account. Overall, MyCitadel is a easy and straightforward to use. The company is accepted by a large number of merchants online and they offer 24/7 security to protect user accounts through encryption.

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