Overlay Tournaments - Top Tournament Overlays Online

Listing the Best Poker Sites With Frequent Tournament Overlays

Every poker room you find online will offer players guaranteed tournaments. Some bigger than others, but the result is to attract players by offering large prize pools. These prize pools are guaranteed. What this means is that when the poker room hosts a $5000 guaranteed tournament, they are guaranteeing that the prize pool will be at least $5000 regardless of the number of buy-ins. If the tournament comes up short, and the number of buy-ins does not meet the amount of the guarantee, the poker room will offset the loss and add the additional funds. When this happens, the tournament becomes a tournament overlay. Tournament overlays are fantastic - regardless of the amount. They essentially give you more bang for your buck as the value of your buy-in increases and the payouts are higher than that of a full game.

Below you will find a list of the top tournament overlay poker sites. All of these sites have frequent overlays and depending on the poker room this could be every tournament available or massive overlays where an extra $20K+ is added by the poker room.

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