Cheating and Collusion in Offline & Online Poker

Why you dont have to worry about being cheated when playing poker online

Whenever and wherever you play poker, there is a possibility that someone cheats. While playing online, you do not have to fear fake shuffles or card-peeking.

But you do have to worry about players that work together as a cohesive team, a person using more than one computer, or abuse of the all-in protection. There is also the possbility that robots will be used by someone.

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Players that team up can get an edge by sitting at the same table and feeding information back and forth about their hands. Thie form of cheating is not common and really doesn't have too much effect on the odds you will win or lose if you are playing at a full table. People who cheat this way actually may lose more than they would have had they played fairly. The danger is people who cooperate to run up the amount of pots where one of the cooperating players has a strong hand. They will raise each other and pull in their victims. This cheat style is pretty simple for the poker room to detect with automatic as well as manual reviews. It just proves that checking hand history can be very helped for any player!

People who employ two computers and two identities at a single poker table is another form of eaching and the poker room can usually detect this form of cheating.

All-in protection abusers can't get away with it for very long because the poker room will act against them. It is impossible to completely protect players from this form of cheating because the same protection is there for everyone. It is, far and away, the most common form of online cheating you'll find.

There is also a risk that someone can hack into your computer while you are play; this is, however, very very unlikely. If you worry about this factor, simply install a good quality firewall. Most good ISPs offer a firewall option to their uses.

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