Going on Tilt in Texas Holdem

How to spot if you are tilting and how to stop it

You may not recognize this term or have any experience with it but it does happen to all players at times in their playing careers. What exactly does it mean: "going on tilt"?

"Tilting" means that you have allowed your emotions to overcome your sensible ability to play poker. Frequently, it happens in the middle of a bad streak but this can happen to anyone at any time, even when things are going especially well.

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round-top-largePoker requires reasoning and focus; any disruption or impediment to this process puts your game at risk. Clearly, it is very difficult to control emotions at all times, but when playing poker it is essential that you control them at the right times! If you have a J-Q of spade and the flop comes with an A-Q-10 of hearts, and there is a lot of wagering action, you simply must realize it is in your best interest to fold. Someone who is going on tilt would probably go for the pot, even though it is a poor decision. Players on tilt continue going after faded dreams and the more they chase those dreams, the more the situations deteriorates.

People who become upset and can't remain focused and reasonable will frequently lose all their poker money brought to the table with them. Avoid letting this situation befall you.

Poker can seem inhuman because it triggers emotions but rewards people who are made of stone - doesn't seem fair, does it? It isn't something to become frightened of nor are all players like ice cubes, but it is important to remain focused and rational whenever you are at the poker table. Most players tilt because of a bad loss or when they hit a playing session where the cards just seem to be against them. Other players tilt after a couple of big wins but tilts due to winning often are much shorter in duration than that resulting from loses.

How can you avoid tilting? First of all, recognize when it's occurring! That's the most important thing. Once you realize you are letting your emotions run your game, sit out a game or two, think calming, happy thoughts, have a drink, take a walk or whatever it takes to get back on track. If you find you are tilting when playing online poker, don't both to curse and beat on the computer, it won't help matters and may break your valuable equipment. Simply log off for a while. Like Kenny Rogers so appropriately said "Know when to talk away" and when you are tilting, it's time to walk away for a while.

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