Limit Texas Holdem Starting Hands

Introduction Starting Hands

A very valuable skill when playing Limit Texas Hold'em is to be able to use selectivity abou the hands you chose to start with.

There are several factors you must consider when you decide which hands you can use as starting hands:

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1. Is the table tight or loose?

2. How many players are at the table?

3. How many players are in the pot when it is your turn to act?

4. Has the pot been raised? By which player and position?

5. What is your position?

How many players are in the pot before you

When many players see the flop, there is a good chance for you to play more drawings hands such as 7-6 or small pocket pairs because these hands increase in value in multi-way pots. At a short-handed table with six or fewer players, the large cards increase in value. Even Aces with a lower kicker than Ten can become playable in this situation. In a full ring game, hands such as AT, KT, QT actually decrease in value because they can be easily turned into a trap hand, becoming second-best hands.

The more playeres at the table, generally the larger the pot. The more players in the pot, generally the higher the pot odds. Let's say you can call before the flop with a hand such as 7-6s or small pocket pairs if you think the pot will have six or more pla yers in. If only two or three players are in, 7-6s or small pocket pairs would not be good cards for entering the pot. You need to ensure you get a good price on your drawing cards.

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