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Some developing poker players fall into a category that can only be called "backwards". The backwards player often realizes what a nut they really are! They tend to have a clear understanding of the odds for draws, they even possess a clear understanding that nine out of ten times, other players are not staring at the nut cards, especially in a locked-hand.

They are not dumb players; they are just inexperienced and make the assumption that people they are playing against hold their own stacks more dearly then they hold theirs.

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round-top-largeThis type of backwards player tends to play their hand backwards. They tend to be overly aggressive, except when they do hit! You'll notice they bet smaller or even check when they hit. The whole idea of betting less with winning hands and wagering more on losers sounds silly at best. It is against all common sense. Oddly enough, it works reasonably well at the right table and these players can spot quickly whether they are at those right ables. The best place for these players is where average people keep folding or calling and then folding on later betting rounds.

You can step right into this situation and come out ahead! The table will be easy to identify. There will be one seat with a big stack and the player owning that stack will be placing huge, careless wagerse. Another clue is that many players at the table have about two times the amount of the buy-in and look to be calling about one hand in ten deals.

The thing to do is go in and double up! Remember, the backwards player ets differently than semi-bluffing. This player doesn't fish because he or she will just bet everyone out. He is afraid of only two things: having the winning hand and nobody calling, and check-raises. The check-raise is the most important fear and you can use it against him or her.

When a player checks-raies, it says this type of player that you know they are going to place a bet into you with a bad hand and tha tyou are willing to put your chips in because you know you'll turn a profit. The backwards player will do one of three things and, by so doing, let you know what hand he or she holds. These options are:

1. Going all-in: This indicates the player is on a draw.

2. Fold: This indicates he has nothing at all to work with.

3. a. Call: This indicates this player believes you are scared to bet on the turn or river and when you show weakness he or she will bet for you again, or

b. Call: This player might be holding the nuts. Do not ignore this possibility or you will never get the edge.

There are times you may be unlucky when attempting to bust this type of player and the backwards player will get b hands or hit draws better than yours. Don't start off with bluffs. For at least the first hand or two, hit a b pair if playing Hold'em or two pairs if playing Omaha. Then go for this palyer with check-raises on as many flops as you can. You may have to think a bit backwards yourself. On the turn, you must bet as much as needed to get this player to fold or make an error by calling your big wager, unless you have improved your hand enough to hold against a river card in which case you check-raise once again.

Use this style against this player, but remain tight against the other opponents and you will be able to take the stack from the backwards player just about every single time. He will come back for more until his money has moved over to you completely. Not only will you turn a great profit from someone that is seen as a table bully, your other friends will begin donating as well. They will do this by takign your lead but they will foget to note that you do not play like that when playing againt them when the bully isn't there.

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