Omaha High / Low Starting Hands

When playing Omaha High-Low, the most crucial decisions must be made before the flop. In order to make the correct decision, you must know which hands to play and which to not play.

Keep in mind, however, that hands vary according to the facts you have at the time of making any decision.

In general, in Omaha High-Low, the best hand takes the pot, so bluffing is not often helpful since the game is primarily driven by hand strength. Starting hands that are best may win both the high and low portions of the pot.

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Premium Starting Hands

The very best starting hands are:

1. A-A-2-x
2. A-A-3-x
3. A-2-3-x
4. A-2-4-x
5. A-2-x-x
6. A-3-4-x
7. A-A-x-x

It is crucial to consider how these hands vary in strength, based on the value of the cards denoted as 'x' as well as whether or not the cards are suited, double-suited or non-suited. If an A-2-K-K hand is double-suited, it is much ber than a hand of A-2-Q-8 that is not suited, yet on the chart, these hands both fall into the A-2-x-x category. And, of course, a double-suited hand of A-A-K-K is much ber than a non-suited A-A-Q-7, again falling into the same category in the chart. So, you must study the overall hand to determine the exact strength. All 'x' cards of 6 through 9 generally weaken a hand but in loose play, these combinations can be b.

The Top Ten List

These are considered the Top Ten hands in Omaha High-Low:

1. A-A-2-3 Double-suited
2. A-A-2-4 Double-suited
3. A-A-2-3 Suited
4. A-A-2-5 Double-suited
5. A-A-2-4 Suited
6. A-A-3-4 Double-suited
7. A-A-2-3 Non-suited
8. A-A-2-2 Double-suited
9. A-A-3-5 Double-suited
10. A-A-2-6 Double-suited

Playable Starting Hands

Below is a list of hands that are considered to be playable starting hands in Omaha High-Low:

A-2-x-x (suited Ace)
2-3-4-5 (fold if there is no Ace on the flop.)
2-3-4-x (fold if there is no Ace on the flop).
Any four cards between a Ten and an Ace.

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