Omaha High Low Strategy - Playing Aces

Holding pocket aces when playing Omaha High-Low is highly over-rated and perhaps the most over-played hand in poker. This is especially true among players that normally play Texas Hold'em.

When playing Omaha High-Low, the best starting hand is A-A-2-3 double suited, and this hand should be played from any position no matter how many players are in the pot. So, what about the other A-A-x-x hands?

When you have a hand with a pair of aces, the strengh can be vastly different depending on those other two cards!

round bottom

round-top-largeLook at the A-A-2-3 double suited, and see how this compares to A-A-5-5 off-suit. The A-A-2-3 double suited holds two different possibilities for nut-flushes, plenty of nut-low combos, and some straight possibilities. The A-A-5-5 off-suit, on the other hand, is really very poor and probably should be folded unless you are playing with only one or two other players!

Tips to Learn

1. If you have an A-A with two weak cards that do not add value to your hand, only play by raising if you are first-in from a late position, or if it has already been raises, no one else has called and you are in the last position. In the latter situation, you should make it three bets and attempt to run your opposition out of the pot.

2. Hands such as A-A-9-5 and A-A-9-4 shouldn't be played in any game except heads-up. One exception to this rule is the A-A-9-2 which could be played in some settings, but remember that A-A-9-3 is a weaker hand.

3. The closer your cards are to the A-A-2-3 double-suited hand, the better off you are. You can play these hands with aggression.

4. A-A-x-x hands, where x = high face cards, such as A-A-Q-J or A-A-Q-K, are better than the hands where x = a pair such as A-A-J-J or A-A-Q-Q.

In Closing

Do not allow yourself to get hooked on the A-A-x-x hand and only play it in multi-way pots where the other two cards actually make the hand ber. If you don't hve suited or b side cards in multi-way pots, you will play to make aces up, a hand that won't win often enough to satisfy you. In multi-way pots, you can assume that one or more of the other aces are in another player's hand.

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