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Poker Table Selection Tips & Advice

Frequently, table selection in poker is extremely underrated. You'd think that selecting the perfect table is simple and easy, but you must know what to look for in order to become skilled at table selection if you want to make the most profit possible.

You simply have to use every single advantage to become a great poker player and professionals realize that poker is about finding those edges and maximizing them to increase their long-haul profits. The difference between winning and losing can often be table selection!

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Finding the Right Table

Before joining a poker table, check the status which is normally located next to the table name in the lobby. If you are in a brick and mortar casino, this option isn't available, but online poker rooms usually show two important factors which can help you decide which table is best for you.

Average pot size is the first statistic to review. It tells you how much money is played in the average pot. Look at the tables and compare this numbers to find a table with a higher average pot size so you can earn more profit.

You also want to check the view flop percentage statistic. Tables with higher view flop percentages, on average, have more players who stay in with poor or mediocre hands. The highest view flop percentage of available tables can be the best choice and you will usually find high numbers on easy poker sites instead of the high traffic poker rooms.

Knowing the Players

This can give you a really big edge, regardless of whether you are playing online or offline. About 2/3 of online players fail to analyze the table because they are playing their cards rather than playing the players. This is one big different between the hobby player and the pro; the professional knows the players in order to get good reads and know what actions to take against them.

Of course, online poker doesn't have physical tells, but you can still get a take on the style of each player. Of course, when you join a table, be on the lookout for maniacs. Determine which players are tight players. Watch showdowns and see how everyone is betting. When everyone calls a certain player's pre-flop raise all the time, it could indicate the player raising is a maniac. If everyone folds when another player raises pre-flop, he is probably a really tight player.

Once you know how each player plays, adapt your style to each player when you are in the pot against him or her. Here are a few guidelines to help you:

1. Tight Players: If you are in a pot with a tight player, you may think about bluffing him. He will usually fold to your bluff unless he has the nuts. This player likes to lean on in the blinds until he takes a stand. These can be the easiest types of players to play against; they tend to be very predictable.

2. Maniacs: Let these players do the work for you. Just don't try to bluff a maniac no matter what. Wait and trap maniacs with b hands.

3. Tight-Aggressive Players: These are the hardest opponents. Steer clear of them altogether unless you have a b hand. These players have the style that most winning players employ.

Time of Play (I think is one of the best Poker tips)

You may not choose to play at all the times suggested, but if you do, you will earn more profit. The really juicy games seem to occur on weekends or late at night.

Many players work from 8 am to 5 pm or some similar schedule. They tend to log on and play for fun in the evening to relax and you get grab the chips from these hobby players. The play poker just for fun, tend toward being loose players both before and after the flop. Drunk players tend to appear late a night. If your schedule permits, play some late nights and weekends frequently. You can still play at other times, but you want to use every edge and this one can really help you.

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