Limit Texas Holdem: Playing the flop


In Texas Hold'em, the flop is a defining moment because five of seven possible cards are then visible. It is important that you can deteremine the relative strength of your hand befor eyou play any further.

Many players consider the turn to be the most important round of betting because the bets are doubled, but it is frequently errors made on the flop that create further mistakes when the turn and river are revealed. This can happen: you decided to draw to the low side of a string and find yourself losing to a higher straight when you hit.

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The main flops

To keep things simple, there are a few types of flops that you need to understand how to play. Watch for these flops and understand what to do with each differrent one. They all hold different opportunities - and different threats.

1. Three of a kind (trips)
2. High pair
3. Low pair
4. Two-suited
5. Three-suited
6. Two-connected
7. Three-connected
8. All high cards
9. Rainbow with one high card
10. Rainbow of all rags

What you need to consider when deciding whether to check, bet, call or raise

1. How b a hand did you flop?
2. How many players are there? it is really difficult to successfully bluff in a pot with only four players in.
3. Did somebody raise before the flop? Who and what position did they hold? You'll expect a follow through.
4. What are your current pot odds? The size of the pot vs. possible outs calcluates this important nubmer.
5. What kinds of draws (if any) are on the board?
6. What kind of hands do I tihnk other players may hold?
7. What position do you have? The later positions are the best.

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