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Nevada Poker LawsIs Poker Legal in Nevada?

Nevada is home to Las Vegas, one of the most prominent gambling cities in the world. If this information alone wasn’t enough for you to guess, Nevada is extremely gambling friendly, but it’s not a free for all. In fact, they have a very long list of gambling laws. Nevada has only been able to offer legalized gambling so effectively because they have learned how to regulate the industry. To learn about poker’s legality in this state, keep on reading.

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Does Nevada Allow Home Poker Games?

According to Nevada’s Penal Code (NRS 463.0152) “gambling game” means any game played with cards, dice… but does not include games played with cards in private homes or residences in which no person makes money for operating the game, except as a player.”This definition is vital when you are looking at home poker games in this state.

It basically says that card games such as poker can be played in the home-style as long as the operator is not charging a fee or raking the pot. The designation of a “residence” also lets us know that this game should be kept out of the public eye, but otherwise it is legal. If you fail to meet either of these requirements, then the game meets the definition of a “gambling game” and you’ve got legal problems.

Do Nevada Casinos Have Poker?

Absolutely yes, the casinos in Nevada are allowed to offer poker games. Referring to Las Vegas again, we can see that some of the best poker action in the world actually takes place in Las Vegas. They’ve got the infrastructure to maintain hundreds, if not thousands of poker tables at any given moment. The casino staff are also rigorously trained and inspected by the gaming commission to keep everything running smoothly.

Beyond just having poker, Nevada’s casinos can pretty much have any type of gambling they would like. Sports betting, keno, slot machines, video poker, craps, roulette, blackjack, and much more. If you are a professional poker player, or just a serious gambler in general, few states can offer the same opportunities found in Nevada.

Is Online Poker Legal in Nevada?

Not surprisingly, Nevada quickly recognized the financial threat online gambling could have on its local gambling industry. Because the legislature new that players would not have a hard time finding legal ways to gamble within the state, they went on the offensive against online gambling by writing section 463.016425. This law states that “interactive gambling” is strictly forbidden, and it even mentions betting using the Internet and other similar networks.

Given their flexible attitude towards every other form of gambling, it’s hardly difficult to get frustrated with their ban on gambling over the Internet. When you live within driving distance of Sin City the last thing on your mind should be online poker. If you simply must play online though, it seems like the state hasn’t attempted to monitor internet usage in the state, for constitutional reasons, so you may be able to get around this law.

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