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UtahPoker LawsIs It Legal To Play Poker In Utah?

According to Section 76-10-1102 of Utah’s Penal Code, the act of gambling is a Class B misdemeanor, and a Class A misdemeanor if you have prior gambling convictions. So what exactly is considered gambling? Under the definitions section, we are told that gambling “means risking anything of value for a return or risking anything of value upon the outcome of a contest, game, gaming scheme, or gaming device when the return or outcome is based upon an element of chance.”

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There are two very important items to take away from that definition. First the idea that gambling includes risking something of value means that a free-rolled game where nobody stands to lose any money is legal. Also, the fact that it says the game must have “an element of chance” shows that chance doesn’t have to be the only driving force. Even those who applaud poker as a skill game admit that there is some element of chance.

Does Utah Allow Home Poker Games?

The definition of gambling that we read above automatically makes home poker games illegal, and there are no exceptions. A lot of states say that a home poker game is fine within certain limits but Utah will not budge. This is probably due in a large part to the heavy Mormon influence in the area.

The religious background of this area will also make it particularly difficult for change to occur in the realm of gambling. There are, of course, some groups that have been pushing for legalized poker for years, but it looks like Utah won’t be changing its gambling legislation any time soon.

Do Utah’s Casinos Offer Poker?

Utah has facilities that are often called casinos, but they are actually “bingo clubs”. That’s right, bingo is legal under many circumstances, and with this situation there are several fully-profitable bingo clubs that have been set up in this state.

If anyone does manage to push change through Utah’s gambling laws, we will probably  be able to see the changes at bingo clubs. In fact, it’s looking like Utah may one day allow some kinds of slot machines to operate in their current bingo clubs.

What Are The Laws For Online Poker?

The laws in the state of Utah remain silent on the issue of playing poker online. The closest thing to regulating online gambling is that passengers, riding on any train operated by the transit authority, are forbidden from gambling online. Beyond this, there are no laws or precedents about online gambling. For a state that is generally against most forms of gambling, it is definitely odd to consider that online poker is probably legal in Utah.

As for the federal government’s stance towards online poker, you should know that they are cracking down on banks and credit card companies to stop them from depositing and withdrawing money from online poker rooms. This might be a major hassle for you, but rest assured that playing poker online is not against the law in The United States.

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