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Is Poker Legal in the State of Connecticut?

Connecticut is an excellent state for poker players. As long as you aren’t playing backroom games with mobsters, you probably aren’t breaking the law. There are only a few details that you need to keep an eye on to stay within the legal boundaries. To learn how the law is written, and what’s legal (and what isn’t) read on as we delve into the state’s penal code.

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Does Connecticut Allow Home Poker Games?

Most home poker games are legal. According to Section 53-278b “Any person who engages in professional gambling shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.” In fact, it is illegal to even be present while someone is engaged in professional gambling. So what is professional gambling? To make a long story short, professional gambling in Connecticut requires that the “house” is making profit.

To make sure your home game doesn’t qualify as professional gambling, simply do not charge the players a dime. This includes raking the pot as well as charging one-time fees. In fact, to be careful don’t except tips or gifts either. It might seem impolite to refuse a six-pack from a grateful friend (visiting your home for a poker game), but accepting it could be considered illegal.

Do Any of the Casinos in Connecticut Offer Poker?

Connecticut makes an exception to its ban on professional gambling for members of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and the Mohegan Tribe of Indians. Because they don’t have the same restrictions, it is only natural that they’d begin to operate full-fledged casinos. Even though some residents of Connecticut are trying to get rid of the casinos, they are thoroughly built into the system and are a great resource for players like you.

Of course the casinos have slots and table games, but they have so much more to offer. With betting on horse racing, bingo, and of course poker, these resorts have everything you could ask for. The poker rooms are generally kept away from the general casino floor, and Texas Hold ‘em seems to be the most-played game in the state.

Is Online Poker Legal In Connecticut?

Connecticut hasn’t specifically addressed online poker but some older legislation may make online poker illegal. Section 53-278d tells us “Any person who knowingly transmits or receives gambling information by telephone, telegraph, radio, semaphore or other means… shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.” Even though it doesn’t specifically mention the Internet, it seems to apply to the digital age. If so, making bets using the internet would be illegal in Connecticut.

Since there haven’t been any cases where a player was arrested for online poker, the courts haven’t had to make this connection yet so it’s hard to say where online poker sits in this state. Regardless of the law, it seems many players feel comfortable playing online because it would be difficult, if not unconstitutional, for the state to monitor and record their activity on the internet. These hurdles make it particularly difficult for Connecticut to crack down on online gambling, and will continue to provide a certain level of freedom for online poker players.


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